Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have taken over from desktops and laptops as gadgets where kids spend most of their time each day. So, we see a lot of innovative gadgets with educational content loaded on top, that ends up making a complete interactive package for the kid. The beauty of such products is the whole experience for small kids is more of a fun without a trace of intimidation that regular classroom studies bring about.

What we now have for reviews is the CG Slate from ConveGenius, an educational technology company in collaboration with Lenovo. The CG Slate educational platform for kids has been designed for children studying in Pre-School to Grade 5 and pretty much supplements the knowledge students gain at school. The device itself is a 7-inch black tablet, a very basic tablet that’s good enough for light gaming, basic photography and for running the common mobile apps. It has a dual boot feature wherein you can use the tablet as a mobile device while the other is the CG Slate mode where the education platform kicks in. An interesting animated character ‘Titu’ welcomes you on board when you select the CG Slate mode and helps a parent through the initial setup process. You may add more than one child profile and the process is fairly simple that also adds you mobile number for authentication. The entire content for kids has been made available through a 32GB microSD card. The device is available for Rs 7,499 on Flipkart.

How do kids get on with it

The device under the CG Slate mode has three zones for kids to explore — Learn Zone, Play Zone and Shop Zone. You don’t need a web connection to use the Learn Zone and the Play Zone. The Learn Zone has various modules for different subjects such as English, Maths, Science, Social Studies and General Knowledge. The child can explore through a set of rich images, animations, video stories, games and exercises.

In the Play Zone, children can watch cartoons and movies as they would do on television but with the caveat that they have to first put in a certain minimum amount of time in the Learn Zone. And the time allowed on the Play Zone is based on how well the child has performed in the Learn Zone. This should not be too much of a hassle for the child as the Learn Zone has been designed to be much simpler for a school going kid. Then there’s the ‘Parent Mode’ where you can keep track of your child’s progress over a period of time. The device also sends you alerts from time to time, informing about the activities done and the progress made by your child.

Finally, we saw a Shop Zone which enables the children to buy toys based on the points earned by them during the learning process and after clearing various levels. However, this store is more of a listing and the actual process of buying is facilitated through another seller.

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