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CG Slate is a complete digital learning solution for Grades KG-10 bringing together latest technology with modern learning techniques and curated NCERT mapped content. The (CG Experience Tab Lab) School model, a modern and state-of-the-art edutainment school, seeks to empower our population through education, focusing primarily on the quality and reach of primary education, ensuring outcomes through internal and external factors to motivate children. Also, through innovation in the field of data analytics, we seek to tangibly measure outcomes and recommend educational content based on individual behavior to increase the effectiveness of learning.

Special Features of the Product

World-class Content:

CG Slate has premium content for Grades KG-10 with regional language(s) support, aggregated from content providers from across the globe, in the form of videos, interactive books, games, quizzes, and worksheets. The content is handpicked and curated by educators and then mapped to the NCERT curriculum adhering to the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) guidelines.

Effective Pedagogy:

CG Slate works on the pedagogical objective to use modern digital media for a better hybrid model of learning, teaching and assessment. Incorporating major principles from the educational theories of “Threshold Theory & Gagne’s 9 levels of learning”, “Blooms Revised Taxonomy Framework” & “5 E Instructional Framework”, we aim to create an infusion of the classic Instructional model with digital learning to reshape the teaching-learning process.

Personalized Learning Platform:

CG Slate is not a game-based platform. It is instead a personalized gamified platform. It focuses on the rules-experiences-achievements approach of a game and applies the same to learning to make it interesting for the child. Moreover, the platform is a safe learning environment with a restrictive ecosystem, protecting the child from age inappropriate content.

Solving for Learning Needs & Outcomes:

CG Slate is learning outcome focused, with monitoring and evaluation of several metrics including time spent per topic/subject, assessment results, subjects and chapters studied. Each child’s unique learning trajectory is created i his/her learning data. Moreover, the individual tracking of each child’s activity and performance allows for adaptive recommendations and comprehensive reports on usage, outcomes & attendance with ease-of-access.

Recent Projects and Users

Nanhi Kali with Naandi (2016-ongoing)

In 2016, Naandi& ConveGenius conceptualized the CG Slate project to enable the Nanhi Kali Community Activists to facilitate learning through technology, and to build in processes to maximize their efficiency and the NanhiKalis’ learning outcomes.

Through comprehensive data analytics, reports on individual NanhiKalis and Learning Centers are generated on a periodic basis to constantly improve the implementation at scale.

Currently in Phase 2 of implementation, the project has covered over 60,000+ NanhiKalis across the length and breadth of the country in 8 mediums (Hindi, English, and 6 regional languages), teaching them Maths and English through state-of-the-art content and pedagogy.


About ConveGenius Edu Solutions Private Limited

ConveGenius Edu Solutions Private Limited (CG Slate) is a social enterprise driven to solve for educational equity and learning outcomes for children in Grades KG-10 through innovative and affordable educational technological solutions.

We are backed by Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) and our products are being used by corporations, foundations, governments, and non-profits, to measure and improve learning outcomes in a scalable, sustainable, and transparent manner. Currently, impacting 100,000 children, our 50-member strong team aims to react out to over 1 million children at the end of 2018.

Vision and Mission of my organization

Our aim is to enable organizations, programs and communities using our technology for social good and transform the quality of education in our country. The following principles guide our theory of change;

What makes my organization unqiue?

The Problem

250 million kids around the world cannot read, write, or do basic math. Students in the developing world are restricted to schools with poor infrastructure, inconsistent teaching quality, cramped classrooms with little-individualized learning, and a poor emphasis on conceptual mastery.

Large-scale education development and technology initiatives have failed because they do not offer personalized learning, an easy-to-use technology for last mile delivery providers nor do they provide extensive training & support and address the issues of internet dependency and affordability.

The Solution

CG Slate partner organizations get long term technology support, training with a professional development curriculum, a mobile tablet lab and data focussed impact dashboards. The content can be used offline and the data reports enables funding agencies and management to sustainably scale.  We also adapt our education development strategies to suit the needs of each organization/program/initiatives. This ensures a shift to innovative and effective student-centred learning.

Why should a corporate partner with my organization?

Using our technology for various programs, apart from the improvement in learning outcomes in children, there has been a transition to student centred approaches in teachers and growth of data focused mindset with implementation agencies.

During a 12-month pilot in the government & affordable schools in Noida, in Grade 5 for Mathematics, students have showed gains in from Baseline-Endline assessments. Beginners have demonstrated the highest growth (24%) followed by intermediate students (11%). Achievers score have remained the same on an average.

(Project funded by Nucleus Software Foundation and 3rd Party Assesments by GrayMatters Inc)

Our Approach:  Bring the entire decision-making process to one place.


Quality digital learning content for all irrespective of language, region and economic status.


Personalised learning experience for each child in collaboration with committed implementation partners.


Measure and Visualize data to find insights for strategic planning and sustainably scale in phases.

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