Technology Partner for Saksham Tech Pilot, Haryana

Convegenius is humbled and enthusiastic to be a part of Hero Moto Corp and Raman Kant Munjal Foundation’s CSR initiative, The Saksham Tech Pilot, covering 30 schools all over Haryana.

Commencing in June 2018, the 30 schools have been split into 3 groups of 10 schools each that would be taken up by different interventions. 10 schools would be provided with CG Slate tablets for learning. We are also looking forward to partner with various organizations in the education space like Kings Learning, OnlineTyari, and IDreamCareer. All the organizations have been brought together by Samagra Development Associates, group of young enthusiasts willing to bring a change in Haryana through impact-driven initiatives.

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Insights from our training session for the teachers who came together from 10 schools in Haryana, to make this pilot a success! This product training was held in the presence of Mr. Ravi Pahuja, COO RKMF, Hero’s CSR initiative, who took the onus to make this a success.

When asked how do they think would these tab-labs help kids, Pushplata, a teacher from G.S.S.S. Jamalpur said – “Children will enjoy learning from the tablet, they will be able to see learning outcomes which will keep them motivated and also help them retain things for longer. I am also excited to teach them with the tablet.”

We look forward to a successful pilot and better learning outcomes for students!

ConveGenius is a social enterprise bridging the extant learning gaps prevailing in India through its personalized and cost-effective solution- CG Slate. The adaptive engine along with the interactive content helps in narrowing such gaps. We partner with CSRs looking to create impact, Municipal Schools, government schools, and grassroots organisations.

To know how you can contribute, visit Convegenius or contact us!

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