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NSF Tab Program by ConveGenius


A Nucleus Software Foundation’s CSR project, the Tab program begun in 2016 and has within two years impacted the lives of 6000 children in the remote villages of Noida. The program aims to raise the quality of education by introducing technology in the classrooms. ConveGenius is the knowledge and technology partner in this program.

About the Program

This project aims to introduce new avenues for the government schools to scale the enrolment and provide quality education through cost-effective, interactive solution so that the learning environment keeps the child continuously engaged and the teachers committed to providing children a seamless learning experience.

Our Focus Areas

Tablet Learning-

The whole new vertical of Tablet Learning was introduced to ensure teachers get a better aid to teach and the common issues such as attendance and engagement of children in the school are lessened. Further, personalised reports are generated through the tablets and sent to the management. This ensures transparency in the system by showing actual data for analysis of the learning outcomes. Children of classes 3-5th learn English and Maths on the tablet.

Teacher training

Foster and Forge Foundation, the implementation partner conducts regular meetings for teachers to gain the right expertise to conduct a classroom. Training of the teachers in innovative and engaging teaching methodologies is one crucial aspect of the model. Teachers are skilled at using the tablets, conducting remedial learning sessions, and addressing issues in the class. 

Learning Outcomes AY 17-18

An overall improvement was witnessed in the government schools. Teachers also shared that they have been able to spend more time with the students in the classroom. The program has assisted the teachers all around the year by enabling the interest of children to study.

Improvement data for the year 2017-18(Analysis done by CG):

Class 3 Class 4 Class 5
Baseline score 41.3 49.9 34.3
Endline Score 57 57.9 49.3
Improvement 15.7 8.0 15

All the data is calculated through baseline(before tablet-learning) and endline (post-tablet-learning) scores. The difference between the two shows how each grade has witnessed an overall improvement.

The year 2018-2019

So far from 2016-18, 41 Beacon fellows have been a part of this program, along with 6000 children. In 2018-19, the program is being implemented in the four blocks of Noida viz. Dankaur, Dadri, Bisrakh & Jewar covering larger district and 2 cohorts in 40 beacon schools and 15 model schools covering approximately 1350 kids.


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