CSRBox: Harnessing Technology to improve the state of Education in Haryana Government Schools

The state of Education in government schools has been a concern for a long time! And now after the result of board examinations in which more than 50% of children in around 11 government schools have failed to qualify the examinations, this is an alarming situation. Changed policies, increased enrollments, increased retention, provisions for books and infrastructural requirements haven’t much flipped the state of education.

Stats show Government schools are in shambles and the reasons are many:

  • There are more than 30,000 vacancies in Haryana schools and over 800 schools are without a principal. There is an acute shortage of teachers in the government schools and mass recruitment can be a pain.
  • Under the Automatic Promotion Policy that came into force on April 1, 2010 introduced by RTE act, each child is given free education and compulsory promotion up to standard VIII, until August 03, 2017 this was revisited last year and scrapped for classes 5-8.
  • The number of students is increasing and the no. of skilled teachers decreasing
  • According to reports, over 90% of the teachers aren’t well equipped to teach students of different learning levels together
  • Available technology solutions in the market alone do not cater to every child’s learning needs and also aren’t affordable.
  • Not all parents can afford private tuitions and other solutions in the market for their children

Other than these the other barriers to quality primary education include: high dropout rates, teacher absenteeism and low teaching quality; and outmoded pedagogies and insufficient resources to implement contemporary teaching methods.
Concentrated efforts need to be made in the field of education. Technology has completely transformed the fundamentals of our life and it is time that it gets incorporated in the school curriculum too.

Hero Moto Corp and Raman Kant Munjal Foundation’s CSR initiative, The Saksham Tech Pilot, aims to digitise education for government schools in Haryana. This initiative aims to improve the disarray of education in Haryana, by implementing a sustainable model for the government schools in which children will be taught through tab-labs.
Commencing in July 2018, Tab-Labs would be set up in 10 schools in Haryana, enabling students to reap utmost benefits from the Tab-Labs, as these would give kids the opportunity to explore and discern their own pattern of learning. Children would now be taught according to their level. This project also aims to ease the burden on the school management and the teachers.
The 30 schools have been split into 3 groups of 10 schools each that would be taken up by different interventions. Tab-Labs would be set up in 10 schools, by the technology partner -Convegenius.
ConvegeniusKings LearningOnlineTyari, and IDreamCareer are coming together for this pilot project. All the organizations have been brought together by Samagra Development Associates, group of young enthusiasts willing to bring a change in Haryana through impact-driven initiatives.
As Haryana Government Schools are in a dwindling state, such initiatives are the need of the hour!State looks forward to a successful pilot.

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