Technology in Classroom- A threat or an enabler?

Despite an influx of digital content in the classroom, many educators have been reluctant to introduce technology in their classrooms.

According to a recent survey conducted by our team in Government schools(75 teachers from over 15 schools, Delhi NCR), we got to view teachers perspective on technology. Surprisingly, 90% of the teachers felt technology can be harnessed for better learning outcomes but were accompanied by various fears and insecurities.

Major Challenges Faced in the Classroom

1. The most common obstacle cited in government schools is the lack of interest in children. Children are highly demotivated to complete their homework and sit with a blank stare towards the blackboard while many are only physically present in the class and a whisker too would carry away their already fragmented attention.

Kumari Meera from G.P.S. Kapriwar shares other issues that stem from lack of interest- “There is lack of proper attendance in the school, children aren’t willing to come to school”.

100% teachers believed that use of tablets in the classroom will give respite in this aspect and would hook children in learning for a longer time.

2. Reading and writing issues- For many kids schools are a source of anxiety and fear! Children refuse to take any initiatives towards class participation. For the fear of being a laughing-stock in the class, under achievers continue to draw curtains when asked questions.

After going through CG Slate Learning Tablets, 80% teachers believed that it would do the work for them. It will give a boost to their confidence as it is self pacing plus it gives them the option to listen and rehearse, something that a teacher cannot gauge individually.

3. Shortage of Teachers and Teacher Learning Material- Teachers have felt the shortage of teaching aids, and not much help from the Teacher Learning Material that they are being provided with. Dhiresh Singh from G.P.S. Ghatal say: “We feel a shortage of teaching aids and technology in the classroom, children get bored while continuously studying from the books”.

And Shiksha from G.S.S.S. Sidhrawali says, “the strength of our classes is too much to be catered individually.”

94% teachers believed that with technology children will automatically hook children into learning and would cut down on their efforts to gather children’s attention every now and then. 

4. The biggest distraction reported lies beyond the classroom. Parents are lagging the motivation. The community they belong to further hinders child’s interest as being brought up in an environment where education is the least important thing doesn’t impart enough motivation to the child to pursue learning. Despite regularly held parent-teacher meetings teachers fail to make parents understand the importance of education.

71% teachers believed that learning from tablets would help them convince parents of the efforts and importance of technology. Also, seeing children using such novel gadgets would intrigue them.


“A classroom where each and every child is happy to learn and the momentum doesn’t break, and children are excited to learn.” said one of the teachers while another said the one where children ask questions!

There were some key points that the teachers mentioned in their definition of an ideal classroom. For e.g. Low absenteeism, lesser distractions, more interactions and happier countenance. This clearly indicates their lack!

We handed over our CG Slate learning tablets to the teachers and asked whether they would want to have such technology in the classroom?

95% teachers said that they themselves are loving the experience and wonder how much would kids enjoy this!

Jyoti from Swavalamban Shiksha Kendra says “I have already completed a module, I wonder how happy would children be to study from tablets”. They lament the fact that they did not have such learning tools to study from. 

The Common Teacher’s Block- Would I be able to teach children with technology or no?

Survey shows that there is lack of confidence in teachers towards using technology. It is true that technology instills fear in the mind of educators. 7 out of every 10 teachers shared that they are doubtful whether they will be able to control the classrooms full of  technology.

Well, surprisingly 97% teachers today are ready to embrace technology and love the fact that they would be accompanied with technology in their classrooms. 

This definitely is an era of Tech-Teaching, where teachers and technology make the perfect pair! Key is to find the right balance between Teaching and tech-teaching. With evolved teaching practices and inclusion of technology in the classroom, we stride closer to give quality education in India.

Hence, remember technology alone cannot be transformational but in the hands of teachers willing to incorporate new teaching techniques, it can be an absolute game changer.

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