NGOBox: An Initiative To Bridge The Gap Between Differently-Abled And Abled Children Through Education In Sirsa, Haryana


Project ‘Umang’ is an initiative taken up by the Haryana government to empower the differently abled kids with technology.

These kids are an example of both courage and perfection! When we talk about the differently-abled kids, there instinctually arises a feeling of awe and compassion. Ever wondered what can you do for them? Well, here it is. You can do a lot by just treating them equally!

Project ‘Umang’ is an initiative taken up by the Haryana government to empower the differently abled kids with technology. Funded by Sh. OP Dhankar, Cabinet Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Haryana, and Sh. Vipul Goel, Cabinet Minister and Incharge of Ministry of Industries in Haryana. It also wouldn’t have been possible without the involvement of Mr. Prabhjot Singh IAS, Deputy Commissioner. Convegenius Edu Solutions, an EdTech company, steadfast in its mission to bridge the learning gaps in India and Braille are a part of this project that aims to digitise education for kids with special needs, in three schools in Haryana. Tab-Labs have been launched in three schools for special children—Disha School and Prayas School, which are working for children with autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabilities, and RKJ Shravan Vaani Kalyan Centre, a school for children with speech and hearing impairment.

Here’s what Sh. Rajeev Ranjan, Commissioner, Hisar Division expressed at the inauguration ceremony of CG Tab-Labs for the differently abled kids-

“The various modules present inside this tablet are loved by the kids, especially because specially-abled children can learn according to their own individual pace and interest. CG Slate is not only a companion that aids in child’s learning but also a teaching companion for the teachers.”

The advent of technology in the schools isn’t new but for schools with specially-abled kids, this is a great opportunity to help them define their learning trajectory in a self-pacing way. Engagement on the tablet would not only improve their academic performance but also their non-academic performances influenced by a positive behavioral change.

There has been a lot of skepticism about the use of technology for the differently abled kids. The foremost responsibility for educators who teach the specially abled kids is to ensure the right medium for imparting knowledge. Instead of calculating the extent to which these children can learn, it is crucial to gauge whether the child is intrigued by what he/she’s doing.

Within 2 months since its inception, children have shown keen interest and higher engagement in learning through the tablets. Have a look at the digital classrooms and you will automatically be full of delight. “Kids are loving it and the teachers are enjoying it too”, says the Principal of RkJ Centre.

CG Slate Tab-Labs powered by ConveGenius, aim to make learning a play-like activity so that it inspires children to learn more and more. CG Slate is a learning solution, that first understands the learning levels of kids and teaches them through interactive books and videos mapped to the standard curriculum framework.

Technology is a great avenue to bridge the opportunity gap between the abled and the differently abled kids. Education is a tool that can empower these kids and rekindle hope in their hearts. This is an inspiring initiative, the one that gives wings of hope and happiness to the specially abled kids.

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