An early start with technology

ConveGenius: Use of technology at the preschool level

Earlier learning was associated with chalk, board, books, pen, and pencil. Today the opportunities are endless. The things children are learning is phenomenal and the way they are learning is evolving by leaps and bounds as the content is diverse and is available in abundance.

Before we talk about technology for toddler’s classroom, let us understand their affinity towards technology. We know that since the birth children are surrounded by gizmos which automatically builds a likeness for them. Be it a youtube video or a selfie camera, everything for the children is a likable experience. 

21st-century parents are open to the fact that their children need to be tech-savvy hence they cannot hold them back while using the gadgets. Before starting with their school, toddlers are well versed with the know-how of gadgets and thus it becomes an effective medium of information. The three major reasons why  technology should soon be a part of the classroom are:

  1. Play way methodology- Play is the purest and easiest form of learning for children. And for toddlers, everything with a little play is a gungho moment! Playway is patronized in the classroom for tiny tots in different forms like puzzles, legos, outdoor activities etc. It encourages the child to actively participate in the classroom. But to seek maximum benefit it needs to be woven along with the school curriculum in a way that children enjoy all that they do! The concept of ‘Play’ school is thus proclaimed. 
  2. Empowering tool for teachers- The inclusion of technology also aims to instigate the habit of self-learning in children which would aid the teacher to invest time wisely in the areas that need more attention. Children are curious and hyper and for a playschool teacher, it isn’t a cakewalk to grab toddler’s attention at all times. Engaging them is always a keynote and to engage them meaningfully is the real task. With technology at their disposal, teachers can strike off ‘engagement’ from their to-do list.
  3. Accelerated Learning- To create an environment that both engages and increases a child’s learning is everything that an educator needs. A recent partnership between Sanfort Play Schools and ConveGenius aims to enhance the learning for pre-primary children through the inclusion of interactive content.

The chalk and board method has always been an integral part of the learning curriculum from the grassroots level. As the lives of children, parents, and educators are infused with technology and media, early childhood classrooms can benefit from the possibilities of extending children’s learning through the judicious use of advanced tools. The digital touch and the essence of play together can create a huge difference in the classroom.

Our recent collaboration with Sanfort Play Schools focuses on including technology in the classrooms of toddlers so that the learning picks a good pace through gamification of learning. CG Slate tablets are being introduced in 194 Sanfort Schools pan-India. Mapped to the content in the Sanfort books, personalised tablets will be introduced in the school curriculum.

To know more about the project, contact us.

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