An early start with technology

Earlier learning was associated with chalk, board, books, pen, and pencil. Today the opportunities are endless. The things children are learning is phenomenal and the way they are learning is evolving by leaps and bounds as the content is diverse and is available in abundance. Before we talk about technology for toddler’s classroom, let usContinue reading “An early start with technology”

Tablet learning to bring positive changes in the Indian Education System

The way kids are learning today is phenomenal. For kids to gain maximum knowledge and have all the doubts addressed, innovative technologies are being introduced in the classroom. Why a tablet? Why not a computer or a smartphone, or a smart class? Keeping the factor of sustainability and affordability, we need to devise models thatContinue reading “Tablet learning to bring positive changes in the Indian Education System”

Technology in Classroom- A threat or an enabler?

Despite an influx of digital content in the classroom, many educators have been reluctant to introduce technology in their classrooms. According to a recent survey conducted by our team in Government schools(75 teachers from over 15 schools, Delhi NCR), we got to view teachers perspective on technology. Surprisingly, 90% of the teachers felt technology canContinue reading “Technology in Classroom- A threat or an enabler?”