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Started in 1996, Nanhi Kali is a joint venture of KC Mahindra Education Trust and Naandi Foundation, that focuses on empowering girl children through academic, material, and social support. Along with education, the program provides uniforms, socks, shoes, and sanitary napkins to the Nanhi Kalis.


Convegenius’s tablets were introduced in 2016 and since their inception, 49,000 have benefitted from the technology that has competency-based pedagogy developed by various content aggregators. The motive of bringing tablets in the picture is to promote the habit of practice through quality content as a part of remediation and improvement of student retention in the school. 


The program is operational in 14 locations pan-India viz. Barabanki, Chakan, Ratlam, Vizag, Mumbai, Noida, Gurugram, Maharashtra, Kolkatta, Darjeeling, Nashik, Varanasi, Krishnagiri, Moga


8 mediums of instruction viz. Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu, Punjabi, and Bengali for children of classes 6-10th. 


This is an after-school intervention focusing on the girl children belonging to the very needy pockets of the country. Our prime focus has been on three things:

Teacher  – This includes teacher training programs. Most of the teachers at the learning centers aren’t even a graduate and act as a facilitator in the classroom. Training sessions are conducted prior to the commencement of the session in the school to ensure that teachers have the required expertise to teach children through tablets and to cater to the diverse needs of the learners. 

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Technology  – By introducing a tablet, the prime focus was to increase the retention of the Nanhi Kali’s. With the baggage of stigmas that our society carries, any program related to the girl child has been challenging. Through tablet-learning, we saw each Nanhi Kali performing better than before and a fall in the drop-out rate. With interactive books and continuous assessments, the motivation to learn came inherently. Use of a digital device also cut downs on the administrative work of the teacher, thus giving her more time to help the child. 

Each Tablet has a Class Administrator account and a Nanhi Kali account. CA’s account is used for taking the attendance, maintaining records of the children, and seeing NK’s performance reports. 

Subjects covered are grade-level Maths and English based on the level of the child. 

Analysis- For the stakeholders to understand and enhance the learning experience for children, it is imperative to get the student learning outcomes analysed. A continuous flow of reports has been salient in the Nanhi Kali program. Teachers do not have to wait for the end of the month to calculate the outcomes, they get instant reports through the tablets.

“No need to wait for the monthly report to track NK’s performance, we can just open CA account and then view reports directly from CG slate. With the help of reports, we set our priorities and strategies.” As told to us by Manish Dodiyar, Lal Singh Dodiyar, Anil Rathore & Shweta Patel from the Nanhi Kali learning centres. 


The year 2017-18 has brought plenty of laurels and milestones for the Nanhi Kalis. The count kept soaring and so did the improvement of the learning outcomes. 

Calculation of the learning outcomes: 

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Improvement in MathsMaths outcomesImprovement in English

English outcomes

One of the many success stories:

Improvement of the kids with the usage of CG Slate for more than 10 hours has been pleasing. Minimum 30-40% improvement has been seen for each grade.

Actual Child Data


Educating a girl child will not only transform her life but the entire nation. To know more about the project, contact us.



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