Convegenius’s technology solution CG Slate, triggered an environment that was verify empowering for  me as an educator. Technology has gone from us to students now, it’s all there and we just need to be around and sort of maneuver them through it.

Meghna Chawla, Foster and Forge Foundation

          The various modules present inside this tablet are loved by the kids, especially because specially-abled children can learn according to their own individual pace and interest. CG Slate is not only a companion that aids in child’s learning but also a teaching companion for the teachers.

Rajeev Ranjan IAS, Commissioner, Hisar

Children will love CG Slate. I really like the idea because children have to learn first. When they want to play they have to first complete their lessons, only then they get to play.

Hema Malini- Actress and Mother
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